Helps you to overcome anxiety 


A very important part of overcoming anxiety is identifying your triggers, tracking your habitual thoughts and noticing improvements. It's a necessary daily tool that helps to identify and evaluate your thinking patterns and anxiety triggers. 


Calming audio sessions will help you to overcome anxiety, relax and fall asleep faster.  Each session will guide you through stress and anxiety to feeling better and calmer. Please put on your headphones when listening to binaural audio recordings to experience genuine 360° sound


In the Tips section, you will find calming and guiding tips that help to feel less anxious and stressed. It’s truly a great tool to fall back on for guidance. 


Receive positive and uplifting messages from the AR Team to support you during challenging times. Messages will usually be based on the rate of your anxiety. We believe that kind and loving words have the power to change a person's day!

I know how much inner pain, fear and physical discomfort, anxiety can bring, but you can overcome it!

Madeline Fedorova, Creator of Anxiety Reliever