What is Anxiety Reliever for?

Anxiety Reliever is an app built to help you overcome anxiety and stress. Even if you don’t have anxiety, you can use Anxiety Reliever to calm down, sleep better and live happier. We believe encouraging words have the power to guide you in the direction of an anxiety-free life.

What does Anxiety Reliever consist of?

It consists of calming audio sessions, tips, insightful tracker, breathe tool and supportive messages. Every feature was built with care and love to help people suffering from anxiety and stress.

I don’t have anxiety but have many negative thoughts, will AR help me?
Yes, Anxiety Reliever is a universal app that can be helpful to everybody. There are sessions dedicated especially to dealing with negative thoughts.
Is Anxiety Reliever free?

Anxiety Reliever is free for download on the App Store and Google Play. However, to keep improving and maintaining the app we had to implement an upgrade version for users. Breathe and 5 entries in Tracker are completely free. If you decide to upgrade, you will get unlimited access to sessions, tips, tracker and messages. There are two upgrade options: $32.99/yearly annual subscription ($2.75/month), $5.99 monthly subscription or you can purchase each audio session individually for $2.99. Thank you for considering upgrading!

Why did you start AR?

 I found that there weren't any high-quality supportive apps available for people struggling with anxiety, so I've decided to build a positive, supportive and caring app to help them. - Madeline Fedorova

I have panic attacks will Anxiety Reliever help me?
Anxiety Reliever was designed to help users regardless of what kind of anxiety disorder they are suffering from. So, give Anxiety Reliever a try! I hope it will help you. However, please keep in mind that Anxiety Reliever is not a medical help and if you have a medical emergency, please call 911.
Can I use Anxiety Reliever offline?

Most of the features are currently not available offline, except for the session playback and tracker. You can only listen to previously downloaded audio sessions while not being connected to the internet. However, we plan to adapt more features for offline use in the future. 

What do I get if I upgrade?

You will unlock all Anxiety Reliever’s features: calming audio sessions, helpful tips, unlimited tracking and supportive messages. Free users have access to several Sessions (Welcome and Relaxation), Breathe tool and 5 free Tracker entries. To keep improving and maintaining an app we had to implement an upgrade version for users. Currently, there are two upgrade options: Annual Subscription $32.99/year ($2.75/month) or Monthly Subscription of $5.99. Thank you for upgrading.

How to unlock Tips?

Please, choice an upgrade option to unlock everything Anxiety Reliever has to offer: calming sessions, unlimited tracking, supportive messages and helpful tips. 

How can I upgrade?

You can go to Account or press on a locked session, and choose your favorable upgrade subscription option: $32.99 a year or $5.99 a month. Or press on Tips or any locked session, and the purchase screen will appear. If you have any other question, please email us at info@anxietyrelieverapp.com

Is my data secure?
Yes, your data is encrypted, and sent to secure servers. We will never share your data unless you specifically request us to do so. We do our best to use the best practices to protect your data. All communication between the application and our servers is made through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), and other users have no access to your information. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.
Having other problems?
Having problems or questions, please email us at info@anxietyrelieverapp.com We will do our best to help you.
How do I get involved?
If you’re interested in working with us, please email at info@anxietyrelieverapp.com
If you’re suicidal or need medical help right away, please call 911 immediately.
Please call 911 immediately.